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Patterson Optometric Eyecare provides the highest quality, compassionate optometry to ensure you and your family is healthy and happy.

Meet our caring and compassionate team committed to providing exceptional eye care for your family.

Meet the Team


Dr. Henry D Patterson


Dr. Patterson graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor's in Music from Brigham Young University. He then pursued his goal of optometry at The Ohio State University, where he graduated in 2011. Dr. Patterson is originally from the Bay Area and started practicing in Burney in June of 2012. He enjoys working in a rural community, where he can build relationships with his patients and loves giving quality and thorough care. When he's not taking a look at your eyes, he is busy with his four children, volunteering at their arts-focused school, tending to his chickens, cycling, playing games, or traveling with his family. If English isn't your first language, Dr. Patterson also speaks French, Portuguese, Spanish, and some German.



As an Optometric Technician, my main role is to assist Dr. Patterson in providing you with the best possible eye care. Prior to your visit with the Doctor, I perform a variety of tests including ERG's, autorefraction, tonometry, visual fields, retinal photos, and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scans. Each of these tests is useful to Dr. Patterson in determining your proper diagnosis and treatment plan. At first, some of these tests may seem a bit intimidating or strange. However, my goal is to make you as comfortable as I can during the testing and to answer any questions you may have regarding the process and the equipment.


Optician ​​​​​​​

Jessica has worked in the optical field for 1.5 years and has a great passion for all things optical. She works alongside Vanessa to provide the best experience she can for you. Jessica also is well-versed in consulting you on the best materials available, and which ones may best fit your lifestyle, and can assist with prescription issues, contact lens training, and frame adjustments and repairs.



Vanessa has worked in the optical field for 10 years and loves helping patients find frames that fit their needs, and budget and that look fabulous. She is very experienced in troubleshooting issues with progressive lenses, can advise you on the best materials and frame fits for your lifestyle and prescription, answer your questions about your vision benefits, as well as any questions about contact lenses, adjust your frames, and repair various frame issues.


Front Desk​​​​​​​

Alysia joined the Patterson Eyecare team in November 2021. She will help you with your appointments, directs your questions, helps you with your intake forms, insurance, and referrals, and will also assist with any payments.


Billing and Manager​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Fran is responsible for all medical billing. She can answer any questions you may have about your insurance coverage, costs of services, and bills you have received. As the practice manager, Fran is very motivated to make sure our practice delivers a great healthcare experience to you by training our staff, keeping our office updated with the latest technology, and making sure to address any needs or questions you have.


Doctor's Assistant​​​​​​​

April loves working with patients, and is here to make sure you are truly taken care of, and that nothing falls through the cracks. She will be in the exam room with the doctor to take notes and to go over anything the Doctor discussed during the exam, making sure you understand treatment recommendations and answer all your questions. She works closely with Dr. Patterson to address prescription medication needs, urgent health questions, and with any testing Doctor Patterson may need.

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